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Hopeful Story, April 1, 2018

  As we celebrate Easter this Sunday, our thoughts naturally turn to spring and the warm summer that will hopefully soon follow. It’s also the time that our church rentals shift into high gear as we begin hosting year-end showcases and recitals for a number of community groups between now and the end of June.
Rentals have become a major part of Hope Fellowship’s connection with our neighbours as we’ve intentionally opened our doors to groups that are looking for a comfortable, inviting space to run an event. Our sanctuary was designed to be flexible enough to host a typical concert, a sit-down fundraising dinner for 200 or be transformed for a surprisingly welcoming government public hearing and our stage has proven to be exceedingly popular with local dance studios.
  We have a team that continues to make improvements to our speakers, lighting and video system with new ministry opportunities in mind but I’m also excited to see how those improvements will be used to benefit our neighbours as well. That’s been one of the highlights of coordinating rentals for the past few years – seeing how God’s blessings to us, as a church, have allowed us to bless others. On top of that, we’ve even had some of our renters turn around and bless us right back! In addition to the daycare staff partnering with us for the spaghetti dinner we also have a dance group that’s giving back. Last year, when this group came through for their recital, they brought with them a portable dance floor that had been custom cut to the dimensions of our stage. It provides a nicer surface to dance on but also protects the floor underneath against damage. At the end of their event they then offered it to us to use for other dance groups during the year – especially those involving tap dancing. As a result, it’s allowed us to extend the life of our stage while still being able to welcome all types of dancing.
  As we reflect today on the radically generous way that God blessed each of us through Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection, it’s great to be reminded of one of the many ways that we, as a church, are in turn passing our blessings on to our neighbours.
- Chris