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Hopeful Story, October 26, 2014

Several Saturdays ago, my husband Mike and I, as well as a good friend of ours, were walking to our car after attending an event in downtown Oshawa. We looked across the street and saw a young man sitting on the bumper of his car with the trunk open. Signs attached to the back of the car said, “Free water”, “Free sandwiches”, and “Ask me why I’m here.” Mike said to me “Isn't that Jonathan from church?”

Hopeful Story, October 19, 2014

There’s a new display in our building, promoting the important work of Sheila Dykstra, the missionary to Nigeria that we support as a church. It’s a cross section of an African schoolhouse, and it was made by Ed who researched the Internet for authentic looking ideas and built it with great enthusiasm.

Hopeful Story, October 12, 2014

This summer, Katherine joined a team from Discovery Church on a missions trip to Borneo, the largest island in Asia. After a long flight and a twelve hour ride on an open bus through the jungle she arrived at Living Water Village, an orphanage for more than five hundred children.

Hopeful Story, September 28, 2014


  It’s August 11. Heidi and I are camping at Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park and it’s 8:30 Monday morning. I've just gotten up and I am inspired to write this:
  I’m sitting in my chair. The duct tape I've used to wrap the torn seat is a bit damp but that’s to be expected after the night's dew.