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Hopeful Story, February 21, 2016

Every February, area pastors are invited to attend chapel at Knox Christian School, visit the classrooms and enjoy a free lunch. This year, principal Paul Marcus asked the assembled kids to raise their hands when their pastor was introduced. When I stood, so many Hope Fellowship kids shot up their hands that I could not help but feel some pride

Note from the Pastor, February 7, 2016

Thanksgiving felt is a good thing; thanksgiving felt and expressed is a beautiful godly thing. Last October, in our Thanksgiving services at Hope Fellowship, we were given the opportunity to feel and express our thanks by filling in a card that invited us to identify the object, person, activity and quality of God that we especially appreciated.

Hopeful Story, February 7, 2016

The national flags that we borrowed from the Christian Reformed Church’s headquarters will be returned to Burlington this week, marking the end of our focus on the growing number of nations now represented in this local expression of the household of God called Hope Fellowship Church.