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Hopeful Story, January 20, 2019

As another Advent and Christmas season has concluded, our family has welcomed a long-anticipated child as Jonathan, our son through adoption, arrived home on January 8th.
  In 2011, following a medical mission trip to Central America, we were prompted by God to open our home to a child from another country that was in need of one. We were aware that the process would take some time and by 2014 our adoption file had reached the stage of being submitted to Haiti. The next milestone was a call in August 2017 when we were introduced to Jonathan on paper and then quickly made plans to visit that October.
  After Chris was able to make a quick visit in Nov 2018, we finally received word that all the paperwork was complete in Dec 2018 and that we could make plans to bring him home, about 7 ½ years after responding to that initial call on our hearts.
  Now that Jonathan is home, the next phase of our lives has begun. Beyond us learning some Creole and him learning English, we are naviga…

Hopeful Story, January 6, 2019

When I was asked if I would be willing to be on the slate for elder, I said yes, thinking that I wouldn’t be chosen. I’d been asked to consider being a Deacon several times and never been chosen, and believed that things would continue on the same way. God, however, has a sense of humour, and I discovered to my surprise that I was indeed chosen to be an elder.