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Hopeful Story, July 17, 2016

It all started in January with a phone call to the office, “We’re planning our summer holidays, can you tell me when VBS happens this summer?” And we could, because at that time four women were already meeting regularly to plan this year’s Vacation Bible School.
  Hope Fellowship’s VBS, called “Cave Quest” was held the first week of summer holidays.

Note from the Sun, July 10, 2016

For days now, we have been averaging only 4-5 hours of sleep because we keep reviewing last week's "over the top" farewell weekend.
  The songs we sang during our God-glorifying worship services have become a joyful musical loop that runs constantly in our heads. Your affirming words keep coming to mind.

Hopeful Story, July 10, 2016

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Apparently it also takes a village to celebrate a pastor who is retiring. There was a veritable army of people who worked on the retirement celebrations for Pastor Peter and Marja.