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Hopeful Story, May 29, 2016

On Wednesday, Pastor Steve showed me the hot tub that the Family Worship Centre is loaning us for Stand Up Sunday. It’s rectangular! “I thought it was round,” I exclaim, counting on a tub that rolled. “Four to six men will do it,” he assured me.

Hopeful Story, May 22, 2016

Giving thanks and choosing joy IN and even FOR difficult challenges that feel like chains? That was last week’s “hard to swallow” sermon.
  Ellen, however, left church thinking about two blessings that have come into her life as a direct result of the cancer for which she is undergoing treatment.

Note from the Pastor, May 15, 2016

A History of Hope Fellowship, Chapter 6: The Focusing Years

During the Focusing Years, from 2012-2015, our leadership introduced new words and phrases that became part of our vocabulary. Words like Believe, Belong and Bless. Phrases like Internally Strong and Externally Focused. We defined ourselves as a “community embracing and living our God’s redemptive plan.” We celebrated our “culture of grace” and emphasized the importance of “making room at the table.”

Hopeful Story, May 15, 2016

Numbers shouldn’t matter, but sometimes they should get us excited because they’re one way to measure how God is blessing our church. Here are some numbers that can help us feel the joy that Paul expressed in Philippians, the New Testament epistle that is at the heart of our current sermon series

Note from the Pastor, May 1, 2016

A History of Hope Fellowship, Chapter 5: The Growing Years

  A new facility will attract people to check out a church. But it is the worship, preaching and hospitality that turn guests into family members. The combination of these things brought numerical and spiritual growth as more and more people began to call Hope Fellowship their spiritual home