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Hopeful Story, May 1, 2016

  Last Saturday Pitch-In Brooklin – with the help of Civitan – held their 2nd annual Mega Neighbourhood Collection day in honour of our refugee families!
  Early last week Shawn, our contact for Pitch-In Brooklin, messaged me and asked me if I had any trucks lined up. He told me that last year they needed 4 (yes FOUR) moving trucks! He put me in contact with Brandon Hill from Hill Moving. Brandon quickly responded that he would indeed have trucks and workers available. My next panicky thought was ‘where are we going to store all that stuff?’? On Thursday at our meeting I verbalized my thoughts. Fred came up with an idea and by Friday night I was told that Paul Marcus from Knox had unused schoolrooms that could hold our items!
  Saturday morning dawned bright and clear (albeit a wee bit cool) and I was nervous and excited all at the same time. Shawn and his crew had an excellent system in place with vehicles driving through the parking lot dropping off items and our awesome team sorted through the bags and boxes keeping the items we wanted/needed and the rest were loaded onto the Habitat for Humanity truck. Once all was said and done we had two vans full of clothing, household items and a few pieces of furniture in a moving truck. Included in these items were a $25 prepaid Mastercard, 3 decorative boxes filled with feminine products and a gift card for each of the women to purchase new bras, playpen, car seat, stroller, double bed frame & matching bedside table, lamps, side tables, tv cabinet and two shelving units complete with pictures for putting them back together! As well Brooklin Group 74 donated two envelopes - each of them had a $100 grocery gift card!! Thank you to Simon & Jenny, Jim & Jill, Melissa, Bill & Helen and Paul for coming out and being amazing sorters and volunteers!
  I see how this week transpired and I am going to borrow a quote from one of my favourite authors, Ann Voskamp, “Every little thing is going to be okay because God is in every little thing.”
- Janette