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Hopeful Story, January 18, 2015

After eighteen months without a Service and Outreach Zone Coordinator, God has blessed Hope Fellowship with someone to head up this important zone. Upon the recommendation of the personnel committee, the Vision Leadership Board offered this position to Lisa Witvoet, with a start date of January 15.

Hopeful Story, January 4, 2015

Dylan's friends and family came to Hope Fellowship on Saturday, Dec. 27, expecting to hear him propose to his girlfriend, Jessica. After socializing for half an hour, the hundred-plus guests were shushed into silence as Dylan led Jessica, who was blindfolded, to the centre of the stage.

Hopeful Story, December 21, 2014

Ten years ago, I met monthly with three people who were sixty-plus. From a Christian perspective, we discussed articles in The Banner and various topics of general interest. We met because we understood that a multi-generational church should offer a ministry to every age category. We hoped that others would join us as time went by.