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Hopeful Story, April 16, 2017

The Month of Lasts

  It was the first Sunday of April, it was Soup’n Buns Sunday. The people were crowded in the fellowship hall, sipping their coffees and teas, having conversations of days gone by or days to come. I stood up on a chair, like I always do on this Sunday, to speak a blessing over the food and fellowship we were about to enjoy. I asked someone to whistle for me, to get everyone’s attention… and in that moment, I realized, this would be the last time I do this at Maranatha. And it sunk in … this would be the first of many ‘lasts’

Hopeful Story, April 9, 2017

  Hello HOPE! Dale and Gloria here.
  Thank you for praying for our transition from Alberta to Ontario.
  You may have heard that we were in Ontario on the weekend of March 24, 25.
  Our prayer was that God would lead us to a house that would become our home, but also a home that would be exactly where God would want us to be a light – a beacon of Hope. Gloria also specifically asked God to let us know, somehow, which house that might be. That prayer was answered, let me tell you how.