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Hopeful Story, February 12, 2012

The celebration dinner that followed the purity retreat gave beautiful insight to what the weekend was about. Parents were invited to watch a video by Pam Stenzel. The video was informative, challenging, funny and, most importantly, inspiring. After the movie we went into the atrium which had been transformed beautifully into a banquet hall.

Note from the Pastor, February 5, 2012

Endings are often disappointing. A vacation can take so much preparation and end so quickly. So why would we take a month off as a family and go to Nicaragua? A few of our reasons were adventure, curiosity, travel, awareness, restlessness, and a chance to bond. We prayed and asked God to open or close doors.

Hopeful Story, February 5, 2012

In December, the Personnel Committee met with staff members to present an overview of the proposed Health and Safety Policy. The Ontario Health and Safety Act mandates that organizations that employ at least six people must have health and safety policies, as well as workplace violence and harassment policies. One of the requirements of the policy is to appoint a Health and Safety representative to regularly conduct risk assessments and to ensure that safe practices and equipment are in place. Knowing that our zone coordinators are already very busy, we somewhat apologetically asked for a staff member to volunteer for this position.