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Note from the Sun, January 22, 2017

  For the past number of weeks, the newest newcomer family consisting of Reem, her mother, Ghada, and 5 children have been safely ensconced in the Youth House from Rehoboth CRC in Bowmanville. All of us are extremely grateful to the members of the Youth Group and the entire Rehoboth congregation for the use of this accommodation. Currently we are still looking for housing for this group of seven. We’re hopeful that we’ll have something soon. While there are numerous details yet to be worked out, we are all counting the days until Reem, Ghada and the children are moved into a more permanent location.
  The support team is working with Reem and Ghada building towards their autonomy, while continuing to provide for ongoing needs, particularly with respect to interactions with governments agencies, health and dental services, banks and other institutions. Both Reem and Ghada will start language classes once they have moved but the school age children have been registered and are attending classes already. Once in their new location the children will be transferred to a new school. Overall, all are adjusting well to their new situations in Durham Region.
  The other family, Feras, Shahla and their young son, are also adjusting well to their new surroundings. Both Feras and Shahla are enrolled and attending language classes and are looking forward to other opportunities after their transition year. In the meantime, they have learned how to make use of the Oshawa Transit system and are trying to deal, like the rest of us, with the uncertainty of an Ontario winter.
  Additional information about our newcomers, along with pictures of the newcomers and their initial experiences in this country are shared @ Use this forum as a way of starting discussion regarding the challenges that are faced by refugees, regardless of their places of origin.
- Roland
External Communications - Hope Without Borders