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Hopeful Story, December 18, 2016

  Ignite, our young adults group here at Hope, recently had the opportunity to volunteer at the Immanuel Bazaar on November 26th. The next day, because God just loves to do these types of things, Bernice Baker shared a sermon that felt like a direct response to what we’ve been teaching at Ignite. She shared with us that the danger of being a Canadian Christian is we are far too comfortable and unwilling to make sacrifices that will jeopardize our level of accustomed comfort.
  Ignite has been learning about what it means to be a ‘misfit’ for Jesus in a world that is self-indulgent, self-fulfilling and self-involved. It was wonderful to see the young adults dedicate their time to supporting Christian schools because it has become such a misfit option when it comes to choosing education for our children. Both my brother and I are products of Christian education, and we have seen the sacrifice made by parents and family members both financially and through their time.
  Having to uncomfortably sacrifice our worldly activities that we want and enjoy so that our children will further their love and knowledge for God in every topic and subject is not the first choice of many Christians today. Ignite young adults are being pushed to get uncomfortable in their surroundings and we encourage all of Hope Fellowship to join us. Whether big or small sacrifices, it’s nothing compared to the love and passion of Christian school teachers, the love the children are developing for God and for others, and the Christ-like characters and mindsets established in and outside the classrooms. We are grateful Ignite could experience that environment through their volunteering!
- Jessica