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Hopeful Story, January 15, 2017

  What a weekend we had last week! From meeting with our high school students and young adults on Thursday night right through the Q & A session on Sunday afternoon, Pastor Dale and Gloria were kept very busy meeting the people of Hope Fellowship. When they headed for the airport on Sunday afternoon, chauffeured by Jeff (who received pastoral care from Pastor Dale when he was in Calgary for cancer surgery), we were all left feeling “now what?”
  On Thursday evening the entire council of Hope Fellowship met with Stan Baker, the chair of the Succession Planning Committee. After talking through the experiences of the weekend, a vote was taken whether or not to recommend Pastor Dale to the membership of Hope Fellowship. The vote was an immediate and unanimous YES!
  The members of Hope Fellowship will have their say in a vote on Sunday, January 22 during our morning services. We will solicit input (a vote) from all members and regular attenders, but only those who are members (over the age of 18 who have professed their faith here or had their membership transferred from another church) can be counted for the call. We need a minimum of 80% in favour to extend a call.
  If you know you will not be in church on January 22, but would still like to vote, you can head to the office today after the services or at any time during office hours this next week.
  Your leadership is very excited at the prospect of doing ministry with Pastor Dale and Gloria Melenberg! If you have questions, please connect with Pastor Dale at, with Brian Bylsma, our Interim Ministry Director at or Stan Baker, the chair of our Succession Planning Team at resolveit @
  Please continue to pray for our Succession Planning Committee, for our elders and deacons, and for Pastor Dale and Gloria as we experience this process together. We pray that God would be honoured by the process and by the outcome.