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Hopeful Story, July 31, 2016

  At the end of June, Clarence left Oshawa to spend some time in China.  Clarence described what he will do while there: “In Beijing I will be helping to teach English to children and youth, and sharing my faith with them, to equip them for lives of serving Christ...The opportunity to be part of what God is already doing in China is very exciting to me!

This week, Clarence sent an update to Hope Fellowship:
  "Most of my focus in China has been teaching English but it's more about teaching the gospel to various age groups, through English materials and also using a translator. Last week I had a Grade 1 to 3 class; this week has been Grade 4 to 6. Both have involved rich conversations about God's love and faithfulness, and what it means to follow Jesus.
  Two weeks ago at the youth camp, one of the teens who accepted Christ (we'll call him Chris). He was not affiliated with any church but heard about the camp from a friend. Late in the week he gave his heart to Jesus and soon after that he knew he needed to make changes to his life. One of these involved a trip to another country with some friends in August. He realized that he was going for the wrong reasons and decided that he should listen to his mother's advice NOT to go. He cancelled the trip and has peace with it. This week Chris is helping me with the children's classes because he wants to help others more, and he wants to learn more about the Bible and Jesus. That's amazing to me.
  Other personal stories will stick with me for a long time."
- Clarence

Clarence is set to return to Canada on Aug. 6 and we look forward to welcoming him back and hearing more stories