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Hopeful Story, August 14, 2016

  Dominican children need Hope. Hope comes from Jesus. Jesus for them comes in many ways. Our mission trip not only brought Hope to a family in need of a new house but to children in need of sports equipment.
  I wasn’t sure how the mission team felt about me and my son Nathan bringing two baseball bags full of used quality equipment to the Dominican. Everyone else was bringing suitcases full of clothes, shoes, hygiene products and much needed humanitarian items, however we felt called to bring equipment.
  After my playing years ended, I began coaching recreational and competitive baseball. Through Baseball Oshawa, I was able to secure 3 sets of bases, catcher’s gear, helmets, bats, baseballs, uniforms and hats. The two baseball bags were full and ready for a new field and team that desperately needed equipment.
  Every day on the bus ride to our work site, we drove past Asher school and saw their students playing on a diamond without equipment. So when our bus finally made its scheduled afternoon stop at the school, it was game on. Mission team versus Asher team. The kids’ faces lit up brighter than a night game when they saw the two bags of equipment sitting on their diamond. The bases were installed and it now looked like a real Field of Dreams, Dominican version. It was a brief two inning game and the Asher kids took an early lead as they were hitting the ball hard. Mission outfielders were running deep and the infielders were trying to catch the speedy kids. Mission team managed a few deep hits and runs but in the end, Asher won. The excitement for these kids was like winning a championship in one game. The principal of the school mentioned that the school will now be able to join the local league because of the equipment. The only item missing is baseball gloves. If anyone has gloves to donate, place in box in church foyer. Our God is the bringer of Hope and His reign. Thank you mission team for your support.
- James