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Note from the Pastor, July 7, 2013

 We are excited to introduce the Cadet program to Hope Fellowship. Cadets is one of three ministries that comprise Dynamic Youth Ministries—GEMS, Cadets and Youth Unlimited. Designed for boys, the Cadet program parallels the highly successful GEMS program offered to the girls of Hope Fellowship.
  Starting in September 2013, Hope Fellowship will offer the GEMS and Cadet Programs for young people from Grade 3 through Grade 8. The RAD program will be enfolded into GEMS and Cadets. We will ensure that the Grade 7 & 8 students hold a unique, more mature identity. We hope to have this age group actively mentoring the younger grade 3 to 6 age group on a periodic basis. The Cadet program will continue to draw from the BROS program offering the boys of Hope Fellowship the same values of EXCELLENCE-INTEGRITY-TEAMWORK-SERVICE while also using the Cadet template to “Help boys grow more Christ-like in all areas of life” (Cadet Mission Statement).

These areas include:
DEVOTIONAL—Helping our boys develop a commitment to Christ with understanding through Bible discussions, stressing the practical application of Scriptural truths to life.
MENTAL—Having our boys participate in an advancement program that encourages them to explore and discover their God-given abilities and interests.
PHYSICAL—Developing and appreciating the need for a sound body. We will continue the sports component of BROS, just not on a weekly basis.
SOCIAL—Developing within our boys a sensitivity towards others and a desire for Christian interaction.

  The GEMS program is running very successfully at Hope Fellowship and we know that no program is stronger or better than the leaders in it. We have recruited a group of men to take the Cadet program and to make it the best they can offer to the boys of Hope Fellowship.
  We feel strongly that the Cadet program has many positive merits and our sole motivation is to deliver a strong, Christ-centred program that will grow and challenge and be a positive experience for our boys at Hope Fellowship.
  Registration for this program will be held on a combined Children’s and Youth Registration night on September 17, 2013. More details will follow.
  Please check out or for more information.

Joan Doorenspleet, Children’s Zone Coordinator
Alice Brink, Youth Zone Coordinator