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Hopeful Story, June 30, 2013

  Within one day of setting out, the Sea to Sea Bicycle Tour had to say goodbye to two of its cyclists. On Monday, Mark, from Kokoma, Indiana, broke his tibula and fibula bones just above the ankle after an accident while riding his incumbent bike. He stayed behind in California for surgery to insert a rod. His wife, Susan, also cycling, decided to stay behind with her husband. Imagine their disappointment!
  There have been some other falls, too, resulting in road rash, a sprained wrist and a fractured wrist. But the biggest concern on the first week of the tour has been the heat wave that has caused the already high desert temperatures to soar to 49 Celsius (120 Fahrenheit) and beyond! To cope with the heat, on Days 1-4, the cyclists got up at 4:30 a.m. and hit the road by 5:30 a.m.
  On Thursday afternoon, however, the tour organizers decided to suspend the tour and skip the Friday, Saturday and Monday rides. A bus and the support vehicles have driven the cyclists and their gear to Payson, Arizona. From there they will re-boot the tour on Tuesday morning.
  The furnace-like conditions and this difficult decision made for an emotional week. But we may thank God that wisdom and common sense are prevailing in the face of such dangerous conditions! In fact, Hope Fellowship’s riders said that all of the cyclists applauded the organizers when they announced their decision.
  You’ll be interested to know that Ava, Stan and Bernice’s daughter, a doctor from Alberta, is also cycling the whole distance. Her medical expertise has already been helpful. She looked after Mark until the ambulance came and reassured the young man who sprained his wrist that it wasn't broken.
  What about Stan, Bernice, Joan and Alice? Speaking for her self and the others, Alice bravely said, “Every day was excellent. Tough, but great!”
  Please continue to keep the organizers, support crew and cyclists in your prayers. Visit “” and spend some time reading the different posts and blogs. Look for Alice here or follow the tour on Facebook.
- Pastor Peter