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Hopeful Story, July 21, 2013

  This week we received some serious news about Pastor Jake, 63, the pastor of Ebenezer CRC in Trenton who is one of the Sea to Sea cyclists hoping to go the full distance from Los Angeles to New York. According to his co-pastor, Nathan, he is doing okay after some very frightening days.
  “During Monday’s ride, while cycling at high altitudes in Colorado, Pastor Jake began feeling a tightness in his chest. When he completed the bike ride he decided to visit the nurse that is travelling with the tour. She heard the symptoms and took Jake to the hospital. From the hospital near Limon, Colorado, Pastor Jake was airlifted to Denver, to the hospital in Aurora. The doctors there determined that he had major blockages in the arteries on one side of the heart. One artery was 90% blocked and another was 70% blocked. They quickly brought him into surgery and inserted two stents. When Pastor Jake was finished with the surgery the doctors told him that they were surprised that, considering his medical condition, he was able to make it this far on the bike. They also told him that he can get back to the tour in 5-7 days, depending on how he is feeling.”
  Pastor Nate asked us to pray for Pastor Jake’s speedy recovery. He also asked us to pray for Jake’s wife, Joyce, who visited him in Colorado Springs the previous weekend before these blockages were discovered, and who must now keep up with news of her husband’s health from quite a distance.
  Another cyclist, Roger from Allendale, Michigan, has left the tour to be with his wife who became ill and needs surgery. In the meantime, Shirley, from Orange City, Iowa, broke her leg on July 13 while riding to Colorado Springs. Her husband, another full distance cyclist, left the tour to be with her. They hope to return to the tour after her leg is set in a cast, he as a cyclist and she as a volunteer. As you can see, prayers for both safety and good health are constantly needed!
- Pastor Peter