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Hopeful Story, August 26, 2018

  Let me say first off, that this story is not of the usual calibre of Hopeful Stories. But, it is a story of hope! As I interact throughout my week, I encounter many peoples, and their situations. (names have been altered to provide confidentiality).
  Sally called and asked for support in a tough transition time. It seems her recent surgery put her behind the eight-ball financially, and she needs some help to get through. 
  Betty emailed in and talked about the need for help in the midst of her storm. The company she works for is undergoing some competitive times, and they are placing the solutions to their business woes upon her. Betty is a single-mother of several children, and she is beginning to buckle beneath the weight of the stress.
  Charles struggles with his marital relationship. The seven-year itch seems to be true in his case, and he is desperately trying to woo his wife back into intimacy with him. 
  Terry is right in the middle of the sandwich generation. Pulled by both sides to be the ever-present provider of companionship and support, Terry is burning the candle at both ends – soon there may not be a candle left to burn. Burn-out is imminent.
  Most of these peoples are lonely and in need of a touch of humanity. All of them could also use a little touch from God. I invite them in, or I go out to meet them, only to discover that none of these peoples are members of Hope Fellowship. I invite them to seek God’s face in the midst of their storms, I pray for them that they receive direction and support. 
  It is my hope that these people not only find the relief that they are looking for, but more so that they see that the strength comes from walking with God, acting with integrity themselves, and extending favour out to others. (Micah 6:8). Maybe, they will join a local church (our church?) and discover that they do not need to do life alone. This is my hopeful story. 
- Pastor Dale