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Hopeful Story, August 19, 2018

  As a staff member of the church, I am blessed with the opportunity to attend Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit. This is a two-day event described as ‘drinking from a fire hose’ in regards to learning leadership skills. This is a highly anticipated event that I look forward to each year, and as a leader in the church, in my family, in my workplace, and in life in general, I cannot express the value that this Summit supplies me. Every year I try to walk away with one major component that I’ve learned and then apply it to my life all year round, digging into it, beating it up, saturating myself in it, and partially even shaping my leadership around it. I would like to share with you that component right now: 
  A veteran ‘Leadership Expert’, as he is described, John C. Maxwell said this year that, ‘fast is faster, and forward is shorter’. Now just stop reading any further and think about that statement for a minute.
  Life is moving consistently quicker with every day that passes. I honestly don’t think I hear anything more common that the fact that people are busy, too busy, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day. It’s not always the most hopeful perspective that we have on time and on life, and so Maxwell’s statement has really stuck with me. I took this idea to the Lord, and found the answer that I needed, that I think we all need. An answer of hope in Jesus, the Jesus that became the living Word. Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10. The words that literally have the power to slow down our lives. The words that suggest our busyness is not always for the better. The words that can calm our souls in the storms of life when it seems like we are running out of time, day in and day out. When was the last time you were still, and allowed not only your body, but your mind to stop, and be reminded of who is truly in control, and what really matters. Hope is not in what we can do. Hope is found in what He has done. Be still, and know who God is.
- Dylan