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Hopeful Story, July 15, 2018

  I almost died. This is what I learned. 
  It was a beautiful day for a long drive home. I had been gifted with a special long weekend trip to attend the Pow Wow on Mount Mckay (Thunder Bay). I’ve always had a fear of driving, (Cobourg to Pickering were my boundaries) and I would have never made the long drive on my own, but I knew I would be ok.
  Driving home after an amazing weekend, I was traveling along at 90 km an hour, which is the speed limit when going through the mountain. Traveling along on this two lane highway I had a sudden overwhelming urge to slow down. I took my foot off the gas and came around the next corner traveling at about 75 km. I kept thinking how upset the people behind me must be that I had slowed, but at that moment the thoughts of others didn’t matter. I was following that feeling.  As we came around the next corner the reason I needed to slow down became perfectly clear. Two tractor trailers were vying for lead position in the left hand lane. I pulled as far to the right as I was able. To my right was a small fence and an estimated 100 foot drop. I slammed on the breaks and I prayed. The trucks missed my front bumper by what seemed in my head like inches but was about a foot. 
  Ann and I continued on our journey and began to reflect on what we had learned.  Many of my difficult experiences had led me to that moment, when I was able to calmly respond by pulling the car over and stepping on the brakes. 
  I then returned to church on Sunday and heard Dylan speak about his experiences and I know I was rescued that day. In that moment, on the mountain, I was not alone. 
- Kim