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Hopeful Story, November 20, 2016

  In December of 2005 I was approached by the “Fundraising Committee” for our new building and asked if I would be willing to set up a gift card program. Knox Christian School was willing to supply us with cards at a minimal fee, council loaned us $10,000 to start, and we began to make the cards available to the people of Hope Fellowship. Two years later on March 7, 2008 the loan was fully paid! We average a profit of about $5,000 per year and have since then given $39,500 towards the mortgage. We praise God for his goodness!
  How does this Fundraiser work? Gift cards are purchased at a discounted price from Knox Christian School and sold to you at face value. You then use then like cash. For example - if you normally spend about $100 at No Frills a week, start with buying a $100 Loblaw gift card. If you only spend $95, $5 will remain on your card for next time, and corporate Loblaw just made a donation of $4.50 to our church. Once you are comfortable with this, you can look into other stores and restaurants. You will find a Hope Fellowship Fundraiser order form in your mail box today. Copies are also always available at the Info Centre.
  At present, we have 15-20 regular customers and about a dozen people who have purchased cards at least once this year. With this number, we give $5,000 per year to the mortgage. Just think what would happen if we could get 100 regular customers!
  So, if you are excited about this program and wish to be part of this fundraiser look for the order form in your mail box. Fill out an order and place it in my mail box. Evelyn (at the church office), Helen and I always have a supply of grocery stores, Tim Horton, etc., on hand, and we’re willing to work with you for special requests. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through the office.
- Marie