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Note from the Pastor, May 12, 2013

  Here I sit at our old harvest pine table enjoying left over chicken on toasted rye bread while listening to an old recording of Steve Bell. Am I telling you this because of my exceptional multi-tasking skills? No I’m not, because, if truth be told, I’m not very good at multi-tasking. However I am writing today to share with you that Steve Bell will be performing in the auditorium at Hope Fellowship Church in Courtice, Ontario on October 5th, 2013
  This event was inspired by my very good friend Terry and his wife Lorraine. You see, back in the fall of 2012 I received a call from Terry stating that Lorraine’s cancer was back and they were not sure what to do - what the next step was going to be for them. I remember not knowing what to say, but my intuition was telling me to do something that would naturally bless Terry and Lorraine and their family.
  And so I did what my good friend Terry would do, I took action. Terry had informed me that Steve Bell was one of their favourite artists, and so I contacted Steve’s manager Dave to look into the possibility of having Steve come to Courtice to perform with a portion of the proceeds going to the family.
  Long story short, Steve Bell is coming Saturday, October 5th. As well, Steve and his manager Dave agreed to waive certain fees so that the family can be financially blessed through this event. Lorraine is no longer physically with us, but this does not take away from the concert, or the heart and passion behind it. Yes, it could be a very emotional event for Terry and his kids, knowing that this concert was to be a celebration and source of encouragement to Lorraine and their entire family. However, this concert will still be a celebration and a blessing to Lorraine, and her husband, her kids, and to all of you who attend. Lorraine embraced love and love will fill the air on this October night and you, you can be a part of it. If you have never heard Steve Bell live I can tell you three things about him.
  1. He is a masterful storyteller, songwriter and musician. 
  2. He has a unique gift of weaving all three of these elements seamlessly together to create a space that will refresh, encourage and inspire your heart and soul. 
  3. You will absolutely love it! 
  Now you might ask, “Why am I talking about this event in early May when the concert is still 5 months away? It’s quite simple actually. I’m putting this out there so that we can sell this event out and bless this family, Steve Bell and one another. When you boil it all down - we are One!
  Imagine me writing an article or email a week from today telling you that the concert is sold out, would that not be exciting!! Imagine.
  So lets do it. Lets work together and sell this event out (only 501 seats) and lets do something even more crazy, lets sell it out in the next 7 days, or better yet, today! The cost of a ticket is only $15.00. Imagine that - $15.00 to see and hear a world-class storyteller and Juno Award winning musician right here in Courtice, Ontario. You don’t want to be the person hearing about this event from a friend or family member, you want to be there, trust me, you do.
  Therefore I ask you, after you finish reading this article to share it with a friend, and then go to Once there, click on the concert tab, scroll down to October 5th, Courtice, ON Concert and click on “Buy Tickets”. It’s that simple. (FYI - there will be GST and a $1.00 handling charge added to the price of each ticket at check out.)
  Well I managed to finish my toasted rye bread chicken sandwich, which by the way, was quite good, and now I am off to the Steve Bell website to purchase my tickets. How about you, where will you be on the evening of October 5th, 2013?
  Thank you for your time, and may each of you be blessed beyond measure.

Sincerely, Carl