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Hopeful Story, May 12, 2013

  This poem is a reflection of things I've been learning lately about the nature of God and his creation. I know that there are lessons to be learned in the 'valleys' of my life. I know that I’ll come through them with a greater understanding of pain, I’ll be more compassionate and empathetic toward those who suffer constantly. And I’ll have more patience for people who can’t move quickly because of the state of their health. I’ll also be better equipped to relate to shut ins and people who choose to be socially isolated.
  Sometimes, when I can’t bring myself to pray, I write my thoughts into a song or a poem, just to get it out of me. God hears me either way.

Dear God 
You hold me in your open palm, 
my life before your eyes 
You see all that awaits me 
from birth to my demise 

The hilltops and the valleys 
and all that lies between 
The hidden reasons for each step 
on a path that is unseen 

Know every word to the whole song 
before I write one down 
And all the things I long to say 
when I can’t make a sound 

I mess up all the time Lord. 
I wander from your way 
And yet you worry not for you know 
that when I stray 

It’s only to learn more about 
the depth of your compassion 
So thank you, Lord, for teaching me 
in such a loving fashion 


- Heidi