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Hopeful Story, June 3, 2018

  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love babies.  Personal items - purse, phone, coat, keys, papers, etc. - have been know to go flying when someone offers me a chance to hold their precious baby!  One of my favourite duties as an elder is being allowed to introduce a newly baptized member to the congregation.
  Two yeas ago, while in the throes of planning Peter and Marja's farewell weekend, two of the team members were anxiously waiting for new of grandchildren due to make an arrival.  When news came that our daughter, Erin, was finally in labour (10 days after her due date!) Gary and I hopped in the care and headed for Ottawa without a second thought, where we spent several hours in the waiting room with Erin's parents-in-law, waiting to meet the newest member of our family.  Gord & Yolanda's grandson arrived a day later.  We've been comparing notes since that time.
  Fast forward to this week (a little bit like the story of Jacob, Leah and Rebecca, where babies are born in the space of a sentence.  That kind of left me breathless when Pastor Dale preached a few weeks back) and we are celebrating with Pastor Dale and Gloria as they welcome a new grandson into their family.  Christopher and Tish are celebrating with Chris' sister who received the gift of twins this week.  At Hope Fellowship, we've welcomed several new members too, as we baptized Charlotte, Noah and most recently Addisyn, last week.
  All babies are a gift and a miracle.  In North America we often assume that babies will come when we decide we are ready, and that all babies will be born health but we know that's not always the case.  we mourn with those who have lost children, who couldn't bear children, and those who's children are not following Jesus.  And we continue to rejoice in the arrival of little ones who make our lives richer, whether they belong to us, to our extended family, our Hope Fellowship family or greater community.
  In the meantime, Gary and I are once again anxiously waiting for a phone call.
- Evelyn