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Hopeful Story, July 9, 2017


  What an amazing week we have had at our Vacation Bible School program!
  There have been so many God sightings; we have had the opportunity to host 128 children; the weather has been amazing; and we were blessed with so many fantastic and energetic volunteers, just to name a few
  While at the gas station Kaitlyn, who was still wearing her VBS volunteer shirt was approached by a man who came up to her just to shake her hand. He noticed her shirt and had to come to thank her. His children were attending this week’s program and came home everyday so excited about their time with us and eagerly anticipated the next day.
  On Day 1 we learned that God made us, that we were lovingly created. WOW GOD!
  Day 2 God is for us. We found out how Rahab believed in God's mighty power.
  Day 3 we realized that like the wind and air, God is always with us. WOW God !
  Day 4 God will always love us. We know that Jesus died for us and HIS unfailing love will last forever.
  And finally on Day 5 we know for sure that God made us for a reason. He knows the plans he has for us. WOW WOW GOD!
  What a blessing.
  Thanks to all of our friends at HOPE FELLOWSHIP for the overflowing show of support for this missional week.
- Joan