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Hopeful Story, July 2, 2017

  I would like to take this time to say what I didn't get a chance to say at Kiera & Trevor's wedding (my heart was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude). Thank you!!
Thank you to your beautiful church family. Your efforts to make their day special surpassed our expectations!! The love and support from your community made their day unforgettable for our family. On such short notice you preformed miracles!! I was able to meet such kind and loving people and it made me realize how lucky Trevor and Kiera are to have this 'other' family that I had never met. The food, flowers, the beautiful singer and pianist, the service and decorations and all the other efforts that were behind the scenes did not go unnoticed. You certainly made it easy for our families to just savour every moment without any concerns about the day.

Sincerely, The DeWit Family