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Hopeful Story, April 23, 2017

  I have a prevailing image in my life of a long road disappearing a long way off to the horizon. The surrounding terrain is flat, with desert or fields of grain stretching to distant hills. The road is a distinct blacktop with clear white lines on either side and the bright yellow one down the centre.
  To me, this signifies my life’s journey. Where it stretches before me is my path to the future. But where I see it most and most clearly is looking back from where I have come.
  Far away are the bumps, potholes and rough patches that have been the faith and character building times. Those are only in my memory. I don’t see them anymore. The asphalt appears smooth because it is God’s overriding faithfulness that is now seen. There are some bumps beneath me now that are the troubles of today.
  The lines are what touch my heart. They represent God and his loving, guiding nature. The white line along the side of me keeps me on track. The yellow line is the centre that is Jesus. I focus on this to stay the course and know that I am safely next to Him.
  Last month my Mom passed away and this image has been even more pronounced for me. God had been so faithful to my Mom and Dad and they were faithful to Him. This faithfulness now carries on to the next generations.
  Heidi and I want to thank the Hope family for their support in the time of this recent loss. Our wish is that this faithfulness is evident in your life too. And if it’s hard to see, maybe you need a picture like this one. Ask God to SHOW you how it is that you can see all that He has done for you in years past. It will be a beautiful image, I promise.
- Gary