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Hopeful Story, October 16, 2016

  From September 28th to October 5th a team of healthcare professionals and support staff from Speroway (a Christian non-profit based in Burlington whose name means 'Way of Hope') travelled to Haiti to provide medical and dental care to three different communities. As part of the team, my wife and I had the privilege of learning first-hand about some of the challenges that this country continues to face while dispensing medications and counselling patients. We also had the chance to connect with some new friends that live and work there.
  Speroway has coordinated a number of medical trips to Central America over the past 10 years however this was the first large team to travel to Haiti. Aside from adapting to a different language, we also needed to find a new local partner to work with during the week. A scouting trip connected us with Dr. Ken Taylor who has a clinic in Port-au-Prince and coordinates mobile teams that serve a number of communities near the capital.
  Our team was small compared to some of the other trips we've been on and we treated a smaller number of patient but this gave us an opportunity to get our bearings in a new country and have time to connect with Dr. Ken and his team. Due to Hurricane Matthew, we ended up staying a few extra days waiting for the airport to open but that also gave us a chance to see a few more patients with our new friends. It is our hope that this relationship will result in many more blessings for the people of Haiti in the years to come.
  In the meantime, there are many Haitians who would benefit today from a donation of any amount to World Renew, if you're able. (
- Chris Ritskes