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Hopeful Story, April 3, 2016

  In May, a Christian Reformed pastor from Seattle will move to North Oshawa to plant a new church close to UOIT. Jana Koh, an associate pastor for five years at the Harvest Church plant in Seattle, Washington, will be accompanied by her husband, Jeremy, and her one year old daughter.
  The sponsoring church, Zion CRC, and Classis Quinte’s Home Missions Committee, have been looking for a church planter for at least three years, ever since the idea of a church for both university students and neighbouring residents was approved. Jana’s acceptance of this call solidifies this vision and caused Martin Spoelstra, the church planter who planted Discovery Church in Bowmanville and carried the torch for this missions project, to do a happy dance. “What fantastic news,” he said, reflecting on his Skype call with Jana. “During my conversation with her I was overwhelmed.”
  Jana, a daughter of a church planter, has completed an in-depth denominational church planter screening process. Both Jana and her husband, who also has a Master of Divinity degree and is very supportive of his wife’s decision, come with strong musical skills.
  Her first year will focus on planning and preparation, as well as developing relationships with the community and campus. With the help of a steering committee and her mentor, Martin Spoelstra, she will also develop and implement a strategic plan unique to North Oshawa. Her duties include ten hours per week at Zion CRC where she will preach once a month and develop leaders for this urban mission field. Monies will be provided by the Board of Home Missions, Classis Quinte and Zion CRC.
  The Christian Reformed Church of America has placed campus ministers at many Universities and plants approximately thirty new churches a year in Canada and the U.S. In our area, it has successfully planted churches in Ajax (Crossroads Community Church) and Bowmanville (Discovery Church). We hope and pray for a similar result in North Oshawa.
  Let’s keep Jana and her family in our prayers as she moves across the country and starts her ministry in May. 
- Pastor Peter