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Hopeful Story, April 17, 2016

  I’ve been trying to imagine what Hope Fellowship would be like without any volunteers. I can’t.
  On Sunday morning, there would be no one to greet us, or help us find a seat. There would be no praise team, and no one to project the words on screen. No sound man to make the praise team sound good, but that would be OK because there would be no praise team! No deacons to help us in the grace of giving through our offerings. No one to look after our little ones or to teach our school age children how much Jesus loves them. No coffee! And that’s just Sunday morning.
  There would be no one to count the collection, no one to lead our GEMS and Cadets, our High School Ministries, our Ignite Young Adults Group. No committees to make things happen, no leadership to work with and support Pastor Peter, as our elders and deacons are all volunteers.
  We wouldn’t have any Hope Fellowship events to celebrate our community.
  There would be no one to reach out into our community to let them know that Jesus loves them too.
  The reality is that the bulk of the work done here at Hope Fellowship is done by faithful, (mostly) willing volunteers. We’ve been collecting names, and even though we don’t have them all, we count 338 volunteers! That’s amazing and awe-inspiring.
  This little piece of God’s Kingdom is blessed by each person who volunteers in any way. I pray that each of you will also be blessed by your service.
  In this Volunteer Appreciation Week I wanted to write each one of you a card, thanking you for your faithful work for God and his people, but I couldn’t pull it off. Please accept this column as a card for all of you.
  “God will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” Heb. 6:10
  Thank you!
- Evelyn