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Note from the Pastor, June 23, 2013

  It seems that there's been a relentless string of hardship in so many people's lives that we care about. In my darkest days, during Lorraine's last week, I argued with God, as did a whole community of people, about why he would allow this to happen. My faith was truly tested again. I ended up expressing my feelings in a poem that I wrote over the course of a week, a process that proved to be very therapeutic.
- Don

          If This House Comes Crashing In 
My Faith rests on a foundation that has seen its share of storms
And the cracks there may be many but its retained its solid form 
But now I fear it’s crumbling I hear the water seeping in
And that potent smell of poisonous doubt fills my house again 
Taking refuge in a corner, I pull my knees up to my chin

For I fear I’ll have no place to go…
If this house comes crashing in  
Close my eyes and try to disappear , I can’t bear to watch it fall
I fear the barren wilderness beyond these trembling walls  
Where is your Love?
Where is your Mercy?
Do you not hear our plea
Your silence is louder than the storm that threatens the soul in me  
Am I destined to wander without the guidance of my faithful friend

For I fear I’ll have no place to go…
If this house comes crashing in  
Restore in me that child, restore that trustful bliss
Hold me tight…..
No tighter still
Till I relax my tight clenched fist  
And then,
I will choose to stand my ground on what I cannot see
I will look into the eyes of death and confess what I believe  
That this night will pass
The dawn will come
And the sun will shine again…  
And you will lift me from the rubble,
If this house comes crashing in