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Hopeful Story, June 23, 2013

  Several years ago Purolator came up with a plan to host a “Tackle Hunger Week” across Canada. Each Purolator station was given the challenge to raise funds and collect food. In 2007 the Pickering station collected 100 lbs of canned food and $116.00 but were unsure what to do with it. Michael Broersma told his co-workers that his church was part of a food bank and his mom, Marie, was involved in the running of the food bank. That’s how the Pickering Station became involved in the Zion Hope Food Bank. They have contributed ever since.
  This year they invited someone from the food bank to come and speak to the drivers and make a personal connection to the Food Bank, which I did with Michael’s help. The staff at Purolator went all out this year for the “The Tackle Hunger Week Drive” with a silent auction, breakfast BBQ, canned goods and donations. Angie, Wayne and Norma from the Purolator office came to present Helen, the food bank treasurer, with the proceeds from the drive. We were totally overwhelmed by the gift of $1,818.58 (double what was collected last year!) and more than 1,000 lbs of canned goods!
  The Lord has blessed these men and women from Purolator with caring and giving hearts which shows in the way they have reached out to help those in need in our community. What an awesome group of people. We thank them for their support.
  Thank you just doesn't seem enough, so when you see a Purolator driver, please take the time to say thank you for their support of Zion Hope Food Bank.
- Marie