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Hopeful Story, December 24, 2017

  So here we are again - another year has almost passed and it’s Christmas! I can’t believe it! It’s Christmas and I am actually writing a hopeful story about Christmas!!! That is a miracle within itself
  For some, there is no joy in life at the moment. Sometimes our lives get turned upside down and there is no peace to be found. In fact, you may be thinking that you are having the worst Christmas ever.
  I, too, have experienced the lack of joy and peace at a time when it seems everyone else is having a good time. More often than not, there were no presents under the Christmas tree for me, and sometimes I even received coal in my stocking. We would always go to the Anglican convent in Toronto for dinner, which I didn’t mind because at least I was guaranteed to get a gift from my Godmother. I literally became that child whose nose was pressed against the window longing to join the “happy” family experiencing the warmth and love of Christmas. It wasn’t until 2015 that we experienced a true family Christmas celebration with Rabbi Steve and his family (our adopted family).
  This past month has also been hard, as Clare and I dealt with death and cancer in our family. I’m thankful for a close friend who heard me and helped me.
  I would like to offer two glimmers of hope to you this Christmas:
  1. My “adopted” sister Melissa had a 5 1/2 inch tumor removed from her brain this summer. Against all medical odds, she is alive and continues to make progress on a daily basis. Melissa lives in hope of a full recovery with a positive attitude and a complete trust in God’s healing power. 
  2. Fear not. If you trust in God’s work in your life and look to him, he will certainly bless you. It may not be what you expected, but if you look for God you will find Him. 
- MJ