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Hopeful Story, December 4, 2016

  Kevin Makins shared such an amazing vision to our church in his last sermon, "Trinity and the Church" and it reminded me of the speaker John C. Maxwell, who spoke at the Global Leadership Summit this past October. The main point Maxwell had stressed was adding value to people's lives. As an individual, what can you do for others instead of looking for what others can do for you? Instead of focusing on the flaws and correcting them, find ways to connect with them. Think of ways you’re going to bless someone you know and be intentional about doing it! Decide what your going to do each day to add value to people's lives before you even leave the house. Listen for God and make it your daily mission to look for ways to love his people.
  Kevin reminded me of this when he told us we aren't always going to like everything about our church and that church isn't here to serve us. We may not always like everyone or agree with everything but we are united through the blood of Christ and He wants us to love our brothers and sisters. We should ask ourselves what can we do for our church and how can we as individuals add value to those around us?
  I think we forget what it means to live like Jesus in our everyday lives because of how bombarded we are by consumerist values teaching us that everything and everyone in life is disposable and replaceable. Jesus was a servant and was constantly trying to teach us how to love and serve others. I've made this the goal of my everyday routine and I can't explain enough how freeing it is to live for God and not myself, I encourage you all to try and make it more of a habit in your everyday lives as well! 
- Jessica