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Hopeful Story, April 21, 2013

  As many of you know, my brother Harry has terminal cancer. After this was discovered some weeks ago, I had an idea that I hoped would encourage my brother. A few months ago, I met Paul Henderson, the Canadian hockey player who scored the "Goal of the Century" against Russia in 1972. He is also a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Order of Canada.
  Paul is a strong Christian and is battling cancer himself. I contacted a close friend of Paul's - with whom I've done some ministry work - and asked him if he thought Paul would be willing to call Harry directly. By the next day, I received word that Paul was quite willing to do that.
  Around the end of March, Paul Henderson called Harry at home to talk with him, share his own story, and offer to pray for him. When Harry called me that same evening, he was blown away that his long-time hero had called HIM to wish him well. Imagine how thankful I was that God allowed me to play such a simple part of His plan, and that He blessed my brother in this way. And my respect for Paul went even higher.
  Please continue to pray for my brother and for Paul Henderson.
- Clarence